AC Motor Cooling Fan

While repairing the AC motor on my lathe, I managed to destroy the dry-rotted plastic cooling fan mounted to the shaft. Since a replacement is somewhat difficult to source, I thought I would try to make one myself. The motor and its components are oddly-sized, so I wrote the OpenSCAD module to be fairly parametric so that it may be useful in more common applications.

For those curious, my lathe is a 3-in-1 Shopmaster El Dorado made in 2000. Unfortunately, mine wasn't built with the Quadralift option that allows the operator to easily raise and lower the milling head.

Using make with OpenSCAD

It is often useful when working with OpenSCAD to generate .stl and .gcode files in an automated fashion. For this, I created a Makefile for use with GNU Make for generic OpenSCAD modeling.


Customizable 3D-Printable Comb

This 3d printable comb, generated by OpenSCAD, has configurable dimensions and can be made compatible with nearly all hair types. As I've configured it, it fits conveniently in my wallet next to my credit/debit cards. It's a fairly simple print and I found it useful when dialing in Skeinforge (or any other slicer) settings on my RepRap Prusa.

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